Bill BehrWell this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you about how freakin’ awesome I am – and how if you work with me, I’m gonna solve all your insurance problems, but honestly, I never thought anyone would actually read this page.

So for those curious, here goes:

I have been an insurance and financial consultant for more than – God help me! – 30 years and I have helped thousands of people with their life insurance needs.

Many of them have come to me out of frustration because they felt there were getting screwed by the insurance companies. And some were just sick and tired of their lazy agents who offered up no solutions to their insurance problems.

My Past

When I was a kid, I never even considered becoming an insurance agent. I never said to my parents or family when I was growing up, “Hey, everyone, let’s have a family meeting because some day I’m going to sell life insurance.” Back then, to me, insurance agents were one step up from car salespeople and there was no way, I wanted to wear a plaid suit and be categorized as an annoying sales guy.

Some how I landed here. Right smack in the middle of the insurance industry. How did I get here? Well, that’s a long story and the last thing I want to do is bore you.

I was married for 13 years to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. For both of us it was our second marriage. We dated for 5 years before getting married  –  just to be sure we weren’t making the same mistake all over again.  We finally got married on the beach at West Hampton, NY by the same judge who married Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley (Useless trivia, but cool).

My Wife Died With No Life Insurance

My wife passed away suddenly in 2015 from a brain aneurysm. She was only 54 and she did not have life insurance. (Go figure, I was in the insurance business for almost 20 years and I let my wife get aBehr familyway without having a life insurance policy).

Well there was a good reason for this but I will explain more in a future post.

I live in beautiful New Rochelle with my daughter who is a junior in college. I have 2 step kids who both are out of state working at their jobs – so they tell me.

I’m a business owner. Always have been and always will be. I march to the “beat of a different drum.” I could never hold a 9-5 job for it would drive me crazy.  I could never answer to a boss for that would drive me crazy too.

I set out many years ago in this business to be different and give people the knowledge they need about insurance so they can make good financial decisions with no regrets.

My passion is working with small business owners and helping them with their insurance needs. In my view, too many insurance agents try to be everything to everyone and end up not specializing in anything at all. If you are a business owner looking for help, you can learn more here: HealthPlansNY

“Just Show Them What They Need”

I hate someone trying to sell me something and I know that most people hate to be sold too. So needless to say, I am appalled by the so-called insurance professionals that constantly pester and annoy people into buying the WRONG insurance product.

Many insurance agents are trained to use the same sales techniques that have been taught more than 50 years ago. Sadly, not much has changed in this industry. It’s no wonder the failure rate for insurance agents is a whopping 85%!

I’ve been criticized by many a sale’s manager to never, ever let the client have control of the sales process. “Show them what they need and just sell it to em,” was what every sales manager tried to pound into my head. In my view, people want to be educated why they need insurance, then come to their own conclusions as to why they should buy it.

At the end of the month, there were more numbers on my paycheck than on the paycheck of my sales manager. So it was just another reason not to listen to the old fashioned way of doing business.

Insurance products are by themselves, are a commodity – you can get insurance anywhere – so why buy it from me? Good question.

Stick around and read what I have to say. Subscribe to my blog and come back often.

I think once you get to know me, and hear what I have to say, you will never trust another life insurance salesperson again.