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No Exam Life Insurance For Diabetics

Written on February 23, 2017 by Bill

If you have diabetes and were turned down for life insurance, no exam life insurance for diabetics could be another possible option for coverage. Life insurance with no medical exam allows you tono exam life insurance for diabetics apply for an insurance policy by only answering a few background medical history questions.

For many diabetics, this type of policy is very appealing because most insurance companies view diabetes as a high-risk factor and many fully underwritten policies are declined. However, the biggest downside of a no exam policy is that you are limited with the amount of coverage you can buy – typically between $25,000 to $500,000.

Even for people who healthy, getting a life insurance policy can sometimes be a major hassle, but if you have a preexisting health condition such as diabetes, it can be almost impossible. Millions of diabetics will apply for life insurance this year and get the sad news that they have been turned down.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Knowing which insurance companies that work best with diabetics can be the difference between success and failure. To help you sort this all out, we’re going to take on some of the most asked questions about life insurance for diabetics and help you succeed.

How Does Diabetes Affect My Chances of Getting Life Insurance?

It is estimated by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that more than 30 million people are diabetic or borderline diabetic.  Generally, if your diabetes is well controlled either with diet, exercise or even medication, you can expect to get approved with reasonable rates. How long you’ve had diabetes is also a factor. If you have been diagnosed as an adult (Type 2 or adult onset diabetes) you will find it easier to qualify for a life insurance policy.

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On the other hand, the longer that you’ve had the disease (Type 1) the more difficult it will be to obtain a policy. Having diabetes for a prolonged amount of time is a major concern for an insurance company because the disease could have caused serious complications on your body.

Your overall health is especially important when you have Type 1 diabetes because most people are insulin dependent. Diabetes has been related to other serious health conditions, including an increased risk of stroke and heart disease. It can also lead to kidney failure in some cases.

How Do Insurance Companies Evaluate Diabetic Risk?

Insurance is about evaluating risk. If you have had several car accidents, you are a higher risk to the insurance company than the person who has had none or one. Life insurance underwriters evaluate physical or health risks the same way. Someone who is in good health will get the best rates but someone who has previous health issues has a higher risk of mortality or dying “too young.”

When you have diabetes, the insurance company will need to know how you are managing the disease and how you are coping with the disease:

1. Do you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes?
2. Do you have a family history of diabetes?
3. What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?
4. What are your current and past Hemoglobin A1C levels?
5. Are you taking medications to control the disease?
6. Do you have any diabetic complications?
7. Any other health issues?

What Type of Policies are Available?

Having diabetes doesn’t limit the type of policy you can get. All policy options are available if you qualify. It’s possible to get term life, whole life or universal life.

Term is the least expensive but it is also temporary. Policy types available are 5,10,15,20, 25 and 30 years. Since many people will battle diabetes for the rest of their lives, term or temporary coverage might not be the best option. If you feel your insurance needs are long term, then permanent insurance will be the better choice. See this article why whole life insurance for diabetics could be the best insurance option.

Permanent insurance comes in many varieties: Whole life, Universal and Guaranteed Universal Life. All of them are designed to last your lifetime. The trade-off however, you will pay more for this type of coverage.

No Exam Life Insurance For Diabetics

For many diabetics or anyone with serious health issues, going through a rigorous insurance underwriting process can feel very invasive. That is why many people are now choosing to skip the exam and go with no medical exam life insurance.

If you are type 1 or type 2 diabetic and taking insulin, applying for term insurance is probably going to be a waste of your time. The insurance companies will always find risk factors which will make it very difficult to get your policy approved. Fortunately, there are other options if you are looking for coverage. Skip to the Guaranteed Issue section of this article.

No exam life insurance allows you to apply for an insurance policy by only answering a few background medical history questions. The biggest downside of this type of policy is that you are limited with the amount of coverage you can buy – typically between $25,000 to $500,000.

No Exam Term Life Insurance For Diabetics

If you are Type 2 diabetic and non-insulin dependent there are a few no exam companies available to choose from. If you have additional risk factors, such as you smoke, overweight, or a heart condition, the likelihood of getting approved diminishes dramatically.

American National (ANICO)

One of the best no exam insurance companies is ANICO. While there is no medical exam, there are still medical questions to answer. ANICO’s application is simple to complete and their underwriting process is very easy going. If you well-controlled type 2 diabetes and do not take insulin, you could be approved in a few days.

Product Details:

10, 20 year term insurance
$50,000 to $250,000 coverage available without exam
Issue Ages: 18-65

Assurity Life

Product Details:

Term life insurance available for 5 – 30 years
Up to 350,000 coverage available without exam
Issue Ages: up to age 60


Sagicor prides itself on fast issue policies if you qualify. Most policies are issued with 48 to 72 hours. Coverage amounts are available up to $400,000. A health questionnaire is required as well as a MIB (Medical Information Bureau) report. Issue ages are 18 – age 65.

No Exam Whole Life Insurance For Diabetics

United Home Life

United offers up to $50,000 of whole life coverage without a medical exam. Provided you don’t have any other major health issues or not insulin dependent, you can get a policy issued within a few days. Issue ages are 20-60.


Ameritas has a simplified “Jet Issue whole life” program with coverage amounts from $100,000 to $200,000. Short medical questionnaire is required in addition to a Tele-underwriting phone interview. Issue ages: 18 to 45

American National Life Insurance (ANICO)

ANICO offers whole life without an exam for diabetics up to $50,000 of coverage. Issue ages are age 50 – to age 80. There is an online e-signature application which makes applying for a policy very simple and easy.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance for Insulin Dependent Diabetics

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policies are also known as a guaranteed acceptance policies. There are no health questions to answer and there is no medical exam. If you have the ability to pay for the policy, the insurance company will issue one.

Most policies are Graded Death policies which means there is a 2 year waiting period before full benefits are paid. Coverage amounts are limited but for people with serious health issues, a Guaranteed Issue policy might be the only option.

Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber Life Insurance company offers a Graded Death Benefit Policy from ages 50 to age 80 with a 2-year waiting period for payout.
Coverage amounts are available from $5,000 to $25,000. If you die in the first two years of the policy, your beneficiaries will not get the full death benefit but instead will receive the premiums paid plus 10% interest.

MetLife Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life

Coverage Amounts: $2,500 to $25,000
Issue Ages: 45-85

MetLife offers a guaranteed whole life policy that builds cash value and premiums will never increase. It is also a graded death benefit policy and has a limited death benefit during the first two years except if the owner dies by an accident.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to make sure you are getting the best policy for your unique situation is to work with an independent insurance agency like ours. Unlike many other life insurance agents, we don’t represent just one single company.  Instead we work with dozens of highly rated insurance companies.

Instead of wasting time and money calling dozens of agents or insurance companies yourself, we can do all the work for you with one simple questionnaire. We will take the information that you provide to us and shop the best companies on your behalf.

About Behr Insurance
About Behr Insurance

Bill Behr has been helping people make smart decisions regarding life insurance planning for more than 20 years. While most insurance advisors attempt to be everything to everyone, Bill focuses on the life insurance needs of families and business owners. Contact me directly at: 914-633-1717 to learn how you can save money.

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